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I had so much fun with my last group of coins I had to have more!
  -Janice, Canton, Ohio

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Product Information
Where do your coins come from?
We purchase our coins directly from a distributor in Germany. They get them from the german banks.
It is cheaper for the banks to collect and discard the change that they get from customers from different countries than try to exchange them. So, they collect the coins and sell them to wholesalers.
What kind of coins can I expect to get in a mixed bag?
While you never know for sure (the exact composition of the mix is always different), the coins are mostly European, and mostly from 1950s and later. There are a few coins in each bag from Asia, Middle East, and South America as well.
Are there any valuable coins in there?
Yes, there are. We have been selling these lots on ebay and on this website, and I have received feedback from collectors that received coins from 1800s, and some even 1700s; silver coins, and even a couple of gold coins. A few coins were valued over $100. Please note, however that we do not guarantee any monetary value in your lot.
Most likely, the book value will significantly exceed the purchase price.
Accepted Payment methods
Credit card (through Google Checkout).
Grading Information
What is a proof coin?
The term proof refers to the finish of the coin. Proof coins are the finest quality of coin produced by the Mint. Their frosted, sculpted foregrounds give them a special cameo effect, created by the exacting proofing process. The extraordinary brilliance and sharp relief of United States Mint proof coins shimmers with brilliant, mirror-like background surfaces. Proof blanks are specially treated, hand-polished, and cleaned to ensure high-quality strikes. The blanks are then fed into presses fitted with specially polished dies and struck at least twice to ensure sharp, high relief. The coins are then carefully packaged to showcase and preserve their exceptional finish. These coins are so beautiful that many people think of them as miniature works of art. Source: US Mint
Circulating coins are graded on the following scale:
UNC,BU Uncirculated : A coin that did not enter circulation. Will exhibit some original mint luster. Some marks on the design and fields will be present from the mint processing.
AUAlmost Uncirculated (AU): All of the detail will be visible. The coin will exhibit some wear on the highest points of the coin.
XF,EFExtremely Fine: About 95% of the original detail will be visible. The coin will exhibit general wear over nearly all of the coin.
VFVery Fine: About 75% of the original detail will be visible. All major features are sharp.
FFine: About 50% of the original detail will be visible. Well worn. Design clear, but flat and lacking details.
VGVery Good: About 25% of the original detail will be visible. The entire design is weak, but a few details are visible.
GGood: About 25% of the original detail will be visible. Design and legend visible but faint in spots
AGAbout Good (Almost Good): You should be able to make out the date (possibly with some effort). Often, only parts of the last two digits will be visible.
FairYou can barely make out type of the coin.
* Coins are graded based on the weaker side.
Shipping Information
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Are the sizes on the pictures the same as size of coins I am going to receive?
No! None of the images are to scale. Coins might have been scanned at different resolutions, some have had their picture taken with a camera. Consult a catalog (see below) or email us if you have any questions.
What is this KM# on the product listing page?
KM stands for Krause and Mishler, which in turn stands for STANDARD CATALOG OF WORLD COINS by Chester Krause and Clifford Mishler. This is THE reference book for all coins.
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