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I had so much fun with my last group of coins I had to have more!
  -Janice, Canton, Ohio

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Interesting coin facts
Nickel without nickel?
The nickels United States five-cent coins, minted in 1942-1945 aren't real nickels...because they don't have any actual nickel in them. The nickel ore was needed in the war effort at that time.
Golden Emperor
Name of the second century roman emperor Marcus Aurelius means "golden Marcus". The word for gold in latin is Aurum.
Which way?
On the penny Abraham Lincoln faces to the right while all other presidents on U.S. coins face to the left.
625 BC
Metal coins were introduced in Greece. They replaced grain -usually barley- as the medium of exchange. Stamped with a likeness of an ear of wheat, the new coins were lighter and easier to transport than grain, and did not get moldy.
Farthing or ...
In England, a quarter penny was originally known as a fourthing when coins were cut into pieces to make change. "Farthing" is a corruption of the word fourthing.
More on gold...
The U.S issued gold coins for general circulation from about 1838 to 1933.
Nickel facts
The coin known popularly as the Nickel (referring to the main component of the alloy used to strike the coin), first appeared in 1866, and was meant to differentiate the new coin from the silver Half Dime-- which was circulating at the same time.
Dime facts
The word "Dime" comes from latin word "Decima" meaning a tenth part.