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I had so much fun with my last group of coins I had to have more!
  -Janice, Canton, Ohio

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  KM# Year Country Denomination Mintmark Composition Condition   Special  Price  
 9651988France10 FrancsAluminum-BronzeXF-AU$2.99
964.11988-1991France10 FrancsSteel center, Aluminum-Bronze RingXF-AUbimetalic $0.99
591998Gambia1 DalasiCopper-NickelBU7-sided$4.99
 401924Germany10 PfennigGAluminum-BronzeXF$9.99
 401924Germany10 PfennigFAluminum-BronzeXF$29.99
 41950Germany50 PfennigAAluminum-BronzeXF$5.99
71952Germany10 PfennigEAluminumXF-AU$50
 22.11969Germany5 MarkNickel-BronzeXF$3.99
 31a1999Ghana50 CedisNickel plated steelBU $0.89
 901966Greece2 DrachmaiCopper-NickelBU$9.99
110, 1191978Greece10 DrachmesCopper-NickelAU $0.49
120,1331978Greece20 DrachmesCopper-NickelAU $0.79
 1591992Greece100 DrachmesBrassAU$1.99
1531991Haiti50 CentimesCopper-NickelBU$0.99
 5.11939Iceland1 EyrirBronzeXF $3.99
6.21942Iceland2 AurarBronzeXF$1.99
 12a1973Iceland1 KronaAU$0.99
 171974Iceland50 AurarBronzeAU$0.49
 5411944India2 AnnasNickel-BrassXFsquare$2.99
421978Indonesia100 RupiahCopper-NickelUnc$1.25
 431979Indonesia5 RupiahAluminumAU$0.25
 1211959Iraq10 FilsCopper-NickelAUWavy border$2.49
131935Ireland6 PenceNickelXF-AU$89.99
 901978Israel5 LirotCopper-NickelAU$4.99
1111981-1984Israel1 SheqelCopper-NickelAU$0.49