All new 3rd generation Kindle $139
I had so much fun with my last group of coins I had to have more!
  -Janice, Canton, Ohio

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  KM# Year Country Denomination Mintmark Composition Condition   Special  Price  
8561903France25 CentimesNickelXF$4.99
151905Finland5 PenniaCopperVF-XF$9.99
 441914Italy20 CentesimiRNickelAU$49.99
 8771922France2 FrancsAluminum-BronzeAU$5.99
 Y111923Poland10 GroszyCopper-NickelAU$1.99
 401924Germany10 PfennigGAluminum-BronzeXF$9.99
 401924Germany10 PfennigFAluminum-BronzeXF$29.99
 61.21925Italy50 CentesimiNickelVF$14.99
5781928Portugal1 EscudoCopper-NickelXF$49.99
 41929Czechoslovakia1 KorunaCopper-NickelVF$1.99
3441929Egypt1 MilliemeBPBronzeAU$14.99
491930Romania10 LeiNickel-BrassXF-AU$24.99
5771931Portugal50 CentavosCopper-NickelF$6.99
3681932Norway5 OreBronzeXF$39.99
 Y971932USSR (Russia)20 KopeksCopper-NickelVF$1.99
311933Finland5 MarksAluminum-BronzeAU$39.99
 Y951934USSR (Russia)10 KopeksCopper-NickelAU$9.99
131935Ireland6 PenceNickelXF-AU$89.99
 301936Finland1 MarkaaCopper-NickelXF-AU$9.99
 8491937England3 PenceNickel-BrassXF12-Sided$2.49
849, 873, 886, 9001937 - 196England3 PenceNickel-BrassVF - AU12-sided $2.99
 3341938Egypt10 MilliemesCopper-NickelXF-AU$9.99
201938Yugoslavia2 DinaraAluminum-BronzeXF$2.99
311938Finland5 MarksAluminum-BronzeXF$9.99
 5.11939Iceland1 EyrirBronzeXF $3.99